Blogging is sooo cheesy….

It’s true! I’m still getting used to this whole thing. It almost feels like I’m talking to myself but I’m sure I’ll get used to it! Anyways this post is actually about real life cheese. I love cheese! Since working at Spring and doing so many cheese plates during service (posh people of London love their cheese plates) my appreciation for cheese has grown. If you are having friends over for wine and chats a cheese plate is so simple to do but a perfect accompaniment and can look like you put plenty of work into it. There are great places to buy cheese in London. I love visiting Neals yard dairy which specialises in British and Irish cheeses. The guys in there are so chatty and give you plenty of tastings. La fromagerie in Marylebone is also great but slightly more sophisticated and can be a little intimidating as all the cheese are stored in a special cheese room behind a big heavy door.

blog 5 b

It’s still really special though and also has a lovely café. At home in Cork the Pigs back in the English market has a great selection and stocks all my faves. Here are a few that I love and how I like to do my cheese plates….

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It’s important to have a good combo on your plate. A mixture of different strengths and textures. Some soft cheese I like include: St. Jude- raw cow’s milk cheese, Baron Bigod- English version of a Brie but way tastier, Waterloo- cows milk cheese. Taleggio is a semi soft Italian cheese which is currently my favourite cheese. It’s also a cow’s milk cheese. Some hard cheeses include Ossau Iraty which is a French sheeps milk cheese or Berkswell which is a British sheeps milk cheese. Comte is also really tasty and I love Cork’s very own Gubbeen cheese.

blog 5 c

It’s important to have a mixture of things on the plate to bring out and cut through the flavours of the cheese. I like some dressed salad leaves, thinly sliced bread, some nuts to add texture and a sweet chutney or a chilli jam.

Enjoy the cheese and chats, Kate xxx

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