Not your average food court…

When you think food court u think of a busy corner of a shopping centre walled with fast food chains. That’s at least what I thought until I stumbled across kingly court of Carnaby street. This is definitely not your average food court!

Firstly Carnaby street is probably one of the coolest streets I’ve come across if it’s even possible for a street to be cool?! :-/ it’s lined with trendy shops and restaurants and has a calming, laid back affect even though it’s always busy and nestled in between oxford and regent street right in the heart of London. Kingly court is a narrow, easy to miss lane way off Carnaby street which opens out into a three story court yard full of amazing cafés and restaurants.

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I’ve been a few times now on different nights of the week and it always has such a good buzz! There’s a huge selection of foods from seafood, ramen, wood fire pizzas and the on trend Peruvian food at señor ceviche! Friday nights are significantly busier and most of the restaurants have queues from around 8 onwards but you’ll always pick up something! There’s combined out door seating downstairs but all the restaurants have tables inside too.

Stax, one of the restaurants, offers ultimate comfort food! It’s Deep South inspired menu includes Po boy and the amazing Cajun onion blossom… Definitely worth checking out if you’re feeling really hungry!

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Always a really cool atmosphere whether your a foodie, visiting London or just hungry and want a casual, fun place to eat i’d def recommend Kingly Court.

Kate, xxx


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