All you need is love…. and chocolate!

Seeing as valentines day is looming here are two simple recipes of homemade treats to make for your loved one! If you plan on treating that special someone to a home cooked dinner on valentines these will be sure to get you some brownie points. Have a great night 🙂 xxx

Heart shape short bread:

6oz Flour

4oz Butter

2oz Sugar


Icing sugar
Fresh berries
Whipping cream
Good quality chocolate

Pre heat the oven to 180 C

In a bowl beat the sugar and butter together until light and fluffy. Sift in the flour and combine to form a dough. Turn the dough out onto a clean surface and roll it out until it’s quite thin. This can be done on parchment paper if you are finding it tricky. Using a heart shaped cutter cut out the biscuits and place them on a parchment lined baking tray. Bake for 10 mins or until light golden brown!


Meanwhile melt the choc and whip the cream. Once the cookies are cool dip half in the melted choc and set on a silicone sheet to harden. Serve with freshly whipped cream and berries.


2) Chocolate truffles
300g Choc
300g double Cream
50g butter

Cocoa powder for dusting

Heat the cream and the butter until butter is melted and it reaches a close to scalding temp. Chop the chocolate into chunks and place in a bowl. Pour the cream mix over it and stir until all the choc has melted and combined with the cream. Pour into a parchment lined tray and allow to set in the fridge for a couple of hours.Cut into squares and Toss in Cocoa powder or any other flavours like chopped nuts, candied ginger, coconut or orange peel.

Have a great weekend, xx


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