Breakfast in the City…

As weird as it sounds my favorite time to eat out is breakfast time! I love the smell of brewing coffee and a full display of freshly baked pastries. Being a chef most of your days off are during the week so its great fun sitting and relaxing over a long breakfast while watching the hustle and bustle of the Monday to Friday-ers outside! Cork has so many places that do a great breakfast and in particular great coffee but here is a list of my top 5 favorite places to have breakfast in Cork (in no particular order):


1) The Farmgate in the English market

I love everything about the English market in Cork and sometimes feel we forget how lucky we are to have such a landmark in the city. I’ve yet to find somewhere like the English market in London. The Farmgate upstairs in the market is a fab place to sit and people watch and they do a great breakfast with fast efficient service. I particularly love ordering their porridge they serve with Cappoquin honey. So warming on these cold mornings.


2) Liberty Grill, Washington St.

This place is definitely well known as a hot breakfast spot by now as there is often Q’s out the door especially on weekends. they have an extensive menu and offer three different specials which are always interesting. The east coast breakfast is a personal favorite which is french toast with bacon and includes a pot of coffee and juice of your choice for ten euro.

3) Crawford gallery cafe

The cafe at the back of the crawford gallery is situated in a big, bright airy room. They offer a concise menu and always use great quality ingredients. The eggs benedict here are particularly great.

4) Scoozi

The people of Cork love to flock to scoozi whether it be for breakfast lunch are dinner. They offer a great value for money breakfast with generous portions and is always busy with a good atmosphere even in the early morning. Their homemade breads are really good toasted with lashings of butter and jam.

5) Italee, Oliver Plunkett st.

This is ideal for a continental breakfast. They do amazing coffee in here and you get a real feel for Italy with all Italian staff. They also offer a hot egg breakfast but I love coming here for a coffee and pastry.


There are loads more places both in and outside the City but theses are 5 in the City centre that I enjoy for food, service and atmosphere.

Kate, xxx


2 thoughts on “Breakfast in the City…

  1. Scott Gib says:

    I would add the Perry Street Market Cafe to that list their breakfast is excellent. Get the creamy mushrooms!
    Liberty Grill still has a queue outside every Saturday so they must still be good….


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