Italiano basics…

This one is super basic but handy if you have left over courgette or looking for a dinner idea. Zucchini trifolati or courgette trifolati is a simple way of cooking courgette but allows for maximum flavour. Trifolati is great as an accompaniment to a dish but I find it’s a great base for a tomato pasta sauce and you get that real authentic Italian taste.


What you need:

2 green courgette

1 clove garlic

1 tsp dried basil and oregano

olive oil

Make sure the oil is quite hot before you add the courgette. This allows for maximum colour. Once it begins to brown add the rest of the ingredients but reduce the heat making sure the garlic doesn’t burn. Remove from the heat once the courgette has a give but still holds a good bite. 


Now is your time to go wild with your trifolati. Serve it with some fish, use it as a base for a delicious tomato sauce to serve with pasta or allow it to cool and liven up a salad.

Enjoy, xxx


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