Retro ice cream cake…

On top of a busy day in work today I had an order of an ice cream birthday cake for two seperate tables at two different times throughout service. This is a tricky one as your dealing with Italian meringue that has to go on last minute and be finished with the blow torch working fast so the ice cream doesn’t begin to melt. This one had three layers of alternating Genoise sponge with a layer of vanilla and a layer of strawberry ice cream.



It’s quite a retro cake and fun to cut into it and see the layers. Luckily the first table left some behind so we all got to tuck in.IMG_7731




It’s a Sunday and I’m not working so it means I can enjoy my favourite meal time…brunch ūüôā Eggs and avocado are so trendy at the moment and shoved in your face constantly on Instagram¬†and the likes but there’s no denying they are a great combo. So I’m just about to add to all those other¬†millions of avo and eggs post and tell you how I like to eat mine…

What you need for 2 people:

2 eggs

1ripe avocado

Good quality sour dough bread toasted

4 slices Serrano ham

Olive oil, salt, pepper, chilli flakes and a good quality chilli pesto

Bring a pot of water to the boil and add salt. Turn down the heat so the water remains at a simmer. To make things easier when poaching eggs I firstly crack the egg onto a small plate or bowl and slide the egg into the water off the plate


Allow the eggs to simmer for around 4 mins before removing to a plate using a slotted spoon.

While the eggs are poaching place the flesh of the avocado in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and a pinch of chilli flakes. Using a fork smash the avocado and combine it with the seasoning. Drizzle two slices of toasted sour dough with olive oil and spread the avocado over each one.


Place the Serrano ham on top followed by an egg on each slice and top with a dollop of good quality chilli pesto or a basil pesto if you prefer a milder flavour.


Have a great Sunday, xx

Litfest memories…

untitled (16)

It was a dream to be back in the wonderful world of Ballymaloe last week for the Litfest. It was so good to catch up with people and eat some yummy food (and drink some drinks ūüôā ).¬†Some highlights included listening¬†to the amazing Alice Water’s speak of her journey in the food world which was so inspiring and a Q and A with the editors of Food and Wine mag and Bon appetite magazine. The atmosphere in the Big shed was unbelievable all weekend. The bar was packed and the food was flowing.Overall it was a fantastic weekend and so so well organised.

My talented photog¬†Father (¬†took some amazing pics on his trip down over the weekend….

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Cork eats…

Been meaning to put a bit of work into the blog lately and start dividing up my posts into:


London eats

Cork/Ireland eats

But to be honest I’m still quite new to this I still haven’t fully figured out the full workings of wordpress. I still have so much to discover in the world of blogging.

Anyway after an amazing and inspiring foodie weekend spent at home in cork I felt it fitting to do a post on one of cork’s many amazing places to eat!

One particular well known destination restaurant I love visiting when home is The Castle restaurant in Blackrock.

The grounds for this cafe/restaurant are ideal with amazing views of the castle and the water and on a nice day the outside courtyard is the perfect spot to enjoy the sun (pictured above).

The service and the food match the idealistic surroundings. The menu offers starters and mains but also some salads and sandwhiches for a more casual lunch. Today I chose the ceaser salad…

A simple (and probably not the most exciting) choice but it was a good ceaser salad which is suprisingly hard to find at times.

We also shared a scone which I loved to see were cut into triangles! This will sound geeky BUT this shows the restaurant are clever and are conscious of their waste. Most importantly it was a good scone!

This is also a lovely place to dine in the evenings. Always a nice atmosphere and great service and above all it’s definitely good value for a destination restaurant outside the city.


Festival weekend ‚úĆÔłŹ

Im so excited to be traveling home this weekend to the lit fest in Ballymaloe. I haven’t been back to ballymaloe since completing the course in 2013 and am so excited to see some familiar faces. Am also looking forward to showing London work friends all the amazing-ness of Ballymaloe! The weekend is full of the best food, drink music and fun along with the chance to mingle with the absolute best of the who’s who in the food/wine and coffee world!

I am going to be working all weekend at the big shed which is the hub of the festival but along with that there will be lots of demos and talks between Ballymaloe house, the Grain store and the cookery school.

Below are some of my personal ‘must see’s’ over the weekend:

Fri- festival opening party, 7.30pm: The big shed

Sat- April Bloomfield demo, 9.30am: ‚ā¨97

Sat-Alice waters in conversation, 9.30am: the Grainstore

Sat-guest chef lunch, Honey and Co. Ballymaloe house dining room ‚ā¨65

Sun-April Bloomfield in conversation, 9.30 am ‚ā¨36

Sun- David Lebovitz-sold out ūüė¶

Sun-The story of Chez Panisse, 17.30: The Grainstore ‚ā¨16

NYC in London….

As a chef people always ask what my favourite type of cuisine is. I don’t have any one particular favourite type of cuisine but I definitely have a few favourites. One of them being New York style¬†deli and breakfast bars.¬†I love the indulgency of this type of food and when its done right it’s definitely a¬†real treat.

The problem is, I find so many places try to replicate this style but it never seems to have that true authentic hearty NYC vibe.

Instagram is¬†amazing and such a great tool for sharing and discovering¬†food but¬†I have discovered recently that it can be¬† quite deceiving. I’ve trekked half way across London to research cafes/eateries which have looked amazing on instargram but have been such a let down in real life.

This is all definitely not the case when it comes to Delancey and Co.


I came across this little gem on instagram and it had been cropping up on feed for weeks and kept catching my eye. Describing itself as ‘a modern New York deli’ I was intrigued but also reluctant to get my hopes up as this is a typical description for so many shabby, processed food delis serving days old bagels making them feel entitled to call themselves a New York deli.


I’m so glad I gave Delancey and Co a chance. Located on Goodge street,¬†the food is¬†definitely a¬†taste of¬†NYC in the heart of London. They offer all the NY favorites; salt beef, turkey and hand cut smoked salmon. They’re very own marble sourdough was so soft and pillowy and the perfect surrounding for the tasty fillings inside.


It definitely has the real comfort feel of an authentic NY deli. I only managed to eat half the very generous portion they served me.


Oh and most importantly, they serve prosecco on tap!! I mean! This gave me my NY fix for a while and restored my faith in Instagram. Thanks Delancey and Co. ūüôā

Whats been happening at Work

We’ve been working on a few exciting menu changes in the party section at work recently. Things are getting exciting as the summer months roll in making lots of bright and fun ingredients available to us.

We’ve had some¬†pretty fig and peach leaves delivered from Fern Verrow biodynamic farm.


We infused the fig leaves¬†in milk to make a fig leaf anglasie which we then spun into ice cream. I had never tasted a fig leaf ice cream before. It’s such an interesting but exciting flavour, almost coconut like.


Kumquats are also appearing on the menu. I love these bright little orange fruits but its a love/hate relationship as they are a pain in the a** to prep. So small and finicky but worth it.


We candied a large batch of these to serve with chocolate pave and jersey cream. I am a huge fan of the chocolate/orange combo.


On top of normal service, we’ve also been catering for a large ten day event which is taking place off site in a Georgian house in West London. This has added a lot but¬†exciting projects to our prep list.

Some canapés are being served on these pretty kamut grain crackers infused with the likes of borage flowers and salad burnet leaves.


So ya, lots of fun things brewing in the kitchen at the moment ūüôā