NYC in London….

As a chef people always ask what my favourite type of cuisine is. I don’t have any one particular favourite type of cuisine but I definitely have a few favourites. One of them being New York style deli and breakfast bars. I love the indulgency of this type of food and when its done right it’s definitely a real treat.

The problem is, I find so many places try to replicate this style but it never seems to have that true authentic hearty NYC vibe.

Instagram is amazing and such a great tool for sharing and discovering food but I have discovered recently that it can be  quite deceiving. I’ve trekked half way across London to research cafes/eateries which have looked amazing on instargram but have been such a let down in real life.

This is all definitely not the case when it comes to Delancey and Co.


I came across this little gem on instagram and it had been cropping up on feed for weeks and kept catching my eye. Describing itself as ‘a modern New York deli’ I was intrigued but also reluctant to get my hopes up as this is a typical description for so many shabby, processed food delis serving days old bagels making them feel entitled to call themselves a New York deli.


I’m so glad I gave Delancey and Co a chance. Located on Goodge street, the food is definitely a taste of NYC in the heart of London. They offer all the NY favorites; salt beef, turkey and hand cut smoked salmon. They’re very own marble sourdough was so soft and pillowy and the perfect surrounding for the tasty fillings inside.


It definitely has the real comfort feel of an authentic NY deli. I only managed to eat half the very generous portion they served me.


Oh and most importantly, they serve prosecco on tap!! I mean! This gave me my NY fix for a while and restored my faith in Instagram. Thanks Delancey and Co. 🙂


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