Whats been happening at Work

We’ve been working on a few exciting menu changes in the party section at work recently. Things are getting exciting as the summer months roll in making lots of bright and fun ingredients available to us.

We’ve had some pretty fig and peach leaves delivered from Fern Verrow biodynamic farm.


We infused the fig leaves in milk to make a fig leaf anglasie which we then spun into ice cream. I had never tasted a fig leaf ice cream before. It’s such an interesting but exciting flavour, almost coconut like.


Kumquats are also appearing on the menu. I love these bright little orange fruits but its a love/hate relationship as they are a pain in the a** to prep. So small and finicky but worth it.


We candied a large batch of these to serve with chocolate pave and jersey cream. I am a huge fan of the chocolate/orange combo.


On top of normal service, we’ve also been catering for a large ten day event which is taking place off site in a Georgian house in West London. This has added a lot but exciting projects to our prep list.

Some canapés are being served on these pretty kamut grain crackers infused with the likes of borage flowers and salad burnet leaves.


So ya, lots of fun things brewing in the kitchen at the moment 🙂


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