Festival weekend ✌️

Im so excited to be traveling home this weekend to the lit fest in Ballymaloe. I haven’t been back to ballymaloe since completing the course in 2013 and am so excited to see some familiar faces. Am also looking forward to showing London work friends all the amazing-ness of Ballymaloe! The weekend is full of the best food, drink music and fun along with the chance to mingle with the absolute best of the who’s who in the food/wine and coffee world!

I am going to be working all weekend at the big shed which is the hub of the festival but along with that there will be lots of demos and talks between Ballymaloe house, the Grain store and the cookery school.

Below are some of my personal ‘must see’s’ over the weekend:

Fri- festival opening party, 7.30pm: The big shed

Sat- April Bloomfield demo, 9.30am: €97

Sat-Alice waters in conversation, 9.30am: the Grainstore

Sat-guest chef lunch, Honey and Co. Ballymaloe house dining room €65

Sun-April Bloomfield in conversation, 9.30 am €36

Sun- David Lebovitz-sold out 😦

Sun-The story of Chez Panisse, 17.30: The Grainstore €16


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