Cork eats…

Been meaning to put a bit of work into the blog lately and start dividing up my posts into:


London eats

Cork/Ireland eats

But to be honest I’m still quite new to this I still haven’t fully figured out the full workings of wordpress. I still have so much to discover in the world of blogging.

Anyway after an amazing and inspiring foodie weekend spent at home in cork I felt it fitting to do a post on one of cork’s many amazing places to eat!

One particular well known destination restaurant I love visiting when home is The Castle restaurant in Blackrock.

The grounds for this cafe/restaurant are ideal with amazing views of the castle and the water and on a nice day the outside courtyard is the perfect spot to enjoy the sun (pictured above).

The service and the food match the idealistic surroundings. The menu offers starters and mains but also some salads and sandwhiches for a more casual lunch. Today I chose the ceaser salad…

A simple (and probably not the most exciting) choice but it was a good ceaser salad which is suprisingly hard to find at times.

We also shared a scone which I loved to see were cut into triangles! This will sound geeky BUT this shows the restaurant are clever and are conscious of their waste. Most importantly it was a good scone!

This is also a lovely place to dine in the evenings. Always a nice atmosphere and great service and above all it’s definitely good value for a destination restaurant outside the city.



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