Brunch boards….

If you’re hosting a weekend brunch for friends and family the last thing you want to be doing is spending your time couped up in the kitchen stressing over the perfect poached egg while everyone else is catching up without you. A perfect way to avoid this is the brunch board. All you need to do is buy some great ingredients that compliment each other and all the prep can be done ahead of time. Head to a farmers market or if in Cork, the Engkish market and everything you’ll need will be there! Here are some of my favourite foods for brunch:

-Eggs (boiled are the least fussiest and everyone loves a boiled egg with a good pinch of sea salt)

-Avacado (smash it up with some seasoning or keep it simple and slice it)


-Selection of meats and cheeses

-Fresh seasonal fruits (apricots, peaches, berries….)

-Nuts ( gently toast some walnuts or almonds and they will compliment the fruits and cheeses perfectly)

-Toasted sourdough 

-Selection of preserves and honey 

Serve with some good coffee or even some belinis for a boozy brunch 👌

      (A super simple brunch board)


This is all for now ….

Have been spending all my time in work lately that all I feel I can share on here is a few pictures from work. Hopefully more exciting foody things to come on my days off so I can jump back on the blogging bandwagon but for now…

Beautiful Viola flowers from Fern Verrow making our desserts look extra pretty.

English Eucalyptus tree spotted in the hallway just delivered from Jam Jar flowers and about to be prepared for the dining room. This smells amazing!!

Before and after of yummy brioche buns. A Sunday treat for staff dinner.

Sea salt and Rosemary Focaccia was Monday’s treat…spoilt!

A salad chef’s mistake on a check was my gain during service…yum!

Snapped this pic from the salon on my way out of work today… So pretty!

That’s all for now… X