Soho Cafes…

I’m obsessed with dining in Soho! There’s so many quirky eating experiences and everywhere I’ve tried so far has just worked. Yesterday I ate at Said which is a little Italian cafe. Mixing two of my favourite things, Italy (although I’ve never been) and lunch. The cafe is really rustic and simple. They have an abundance of chocolates on display and the smell of coffee is perfect. I ate a San Danielle, mozzarella and basil sandwhich. Pretty simple but so good.

Service was pretty slow but it didn’t bother me as was having a lazy lunch. I love a café that makes you fell like you’re somewhere outside of London. And with all Italian staff and mostly Italian customers I definitely felt like I was sitting in the middle of a busy café in Rome. The best part was the mocha. I’m not a mocha fan but spotted one being made and couldn’t resist. They ladled white, milk and dark chocolate all around the cup and filled it with espresso and hot frothy milk. Needless to say after two sips I was stuffed! But still so good!

My next stop in Soho will be to Bao just around the corner from Said. Bao serves steamed buns which is a huge food trend in London at the moment. But with a never ending queue outside the door, we’ve yet to find the right time to experience Londons current most popular eatery.


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